The Harp

This beautiful instrument is called Minstrel, remembering the ancient Minstrel Boys of Ireland who travelled across the island to sing and play for a place to sleep and food.

Now a couple of centuries later some new inventiones came up like the half-tone-lids and strings made of nylon. The half-tone-lids make it easier to switch the tone while playing and the nylonstrings have a longer lifetime than catguts.

The sound is beautifully calming and every listener of the harp rests for a couple of moments to listen.

She does not ask who you are but she asks very intensively "Do you feel?"

The Harpist

After a very fiering part of life a good thing is to sit down and do something calm.


As a modern Minstrel Boy from Germany Fabian Albatross Freyhand sailed from port to port or walks from town to town to let Minstrel talk.


While harp-playing he meditates and the conscious listener may notice that.


And in moments we are what we are, without asking what we should be, our inner light lights up most brightly.

The Vessel

"Haiho" is a sailingvessel, built in the early eighties, with massive livingspace, a strong motor and a long sailingrange.


With its over-all-length of more than seven meters and its top rigging it is built for almost every ocean on this planet.


"Haiho" rides and rides and rides while it is able to carry four people easily.


It is a strong boat and able to be sailed on-handed.


Come, and watch out for it or join sailing!

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