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on the way...


"Why is this man playing there?" or


"Why are you playing in the streets? Don't you have a real job?"



Playing in the streets for everyone, who is open enough to get in touch with the frequencies of Minstrel, means a lot to me.

Sometimes the melodies are fast, sometimes very slow.

But they always bring silence in bodies or calm a walk-through-in-haste or let people feel themselves or simply heal confusing thoughts.

During playing I use to meditate and often people are able to notice that.


It is a great time for everyone now and so much positive change can be recognized on all levels of the 'so be' of people.


The way, which I took up to this point where you can see me sitting somewhere and hear me playing, felt like a long one and often it was a very stony one. On that way I was allowed to learn a lot of different possibillities about what life is, what life is ment for, what the sense of life could be and so on. So many different skills I was allowed to flower out and playing harp is one of the youngest for me.


Therefore I am filled with gratitude.

Thank you, life, I feel so rich in my self.


Maybe now it is time to give something back to life itself.

This is one of a couple of reasons, why you can see me sitting somewhere, playing Minstrel.


This is my job.


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"There is a river which flows very fast now. It is so great and swift that it might frighten some people. They will try to hold on to the riverside. They will feel splittet in theirselves and they will suffer a lot. Realize the River has its purpose, its destination. How the Elder say we must leave the riverside, must reject ourselves in the middle of the river, keeping our eyes open and the head above the water. Look who is with you in there and celebrate. In this historical time we may not take nothing personal - at least of all ourselves. In the moment we do so, our spiritual growth and our spiritual journey comes to stagnation. The Time of the loneley wolve is over. Gather you guys! Dispel the word "dispute" off from your behaviour and your language. Everything what we do now must be done in a holy and celebrating way.

We are the ones who we were waiting for !!"


Oraibi, Arizona, the wisdom of the Elder of the Hopi-Nation



"You said to the people it is five minutes before twelve. Now you must go back and tell them it is twelve o'clock. And there is a lot to consider... Where do you live? What do you do? How are your relationships? Are you in the right proportion? Where is your water? Learn about your garden. It is time to speak your truth. Create your collective. Be good to each other. And look for the leader not ouside of yourselves."


Then he clapped his hands, smiled and said:

"This could be a good time!"


The words of an Hopi-Elder