The red dots show where Minstrel was talking already.


Europe, aka Laurasia, a beautiful area of this 'our' planet, is the set.





At the 14th of May 2014 Minstrel and Freyhand started with a third person in the alliance, the sailing vessel "Maya", from Edstorp, Sweden.


After a couple of true adventures and 2000nm with "Maya" we decided to give the sailing vessel further.


Now, January 2016, on land we find our way by foot.


Life changes things so often and in May 2016 we got a new boat again. With "Ruth" we find partly our way along the beautyful Baltic Coast.


After some hairy situations and a lot of work with the harp the little sailing boat "Ruth" is set aside in June 2016 and now, September, we ride on a HAI 710 through the Baltic Sea. She hasn't a name yet.


After a heavy and cold winter we put our vessel into the Baltic Sea again, decided that it is a "He" and now it listens to his original name "Haiho". The Season 2017 may begin!


From the Baltic Sea to canals and rivers into the mainland of Europe. What an exciting ride!


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